Im just handling too much pain

And I need alcohol I srsly need it right now. Cant wait for later. Agh

The way she felt

It wasn’t til the end. It changed and she told it wont. Can’t blame her. Dont worry Im letting you go now cause it looks like you dont give a fck anymore about me. Happy for you :)

I am okay.

I guess. Ahhh I was once like this but Idk why its like the first time. Tears fall unintentionally. Im feeling like I’m out of my mind. I just wanna break down well I am actually breaking down whats new is that its worse than ever. Hearing myself breathing catching my breath cause I can’t breathe properly cause I am crying and I don’t even know how to stop staring at ceiling all night trying and forcing myself to fall asleep trying to get you out of my head typing all the words inside my head holding my heavy chest biting my lower lip hard and its bleeding what a psycho move. Idk!!! I hate this but Im the one who made myself into this situation fml then. I just wanna sleep and never wake up. Somebody help me please. I can’t stop needing you. I love you so much and Idk how to stop. I just hope one day I could handle this stupid feelings I have cause I know you will never have the same feels like you do before and I guess thats how it supposed to be because I dont deserve that love anymore cause I’m a liar who made you feel idk!! How I wish I could ever have you back and make things okay like it was before. Sorry for messing up dont worry I’m gonna take all the pain I have to feel and Im having it now and it feels too much. I miss you so bad and I cant do anything. Farewell love.. 😢😢😢

Pwedeng umiyak?

Hahahahahahaha nababaliw nanaman ako

Dark days

Again I’m facing my dark days :D

Fck my life

I wish

I wish you know how many words I backspaced because Idk what exact words to use to let you know how I feel for you, how inlove I am with you, how great you are, how you make me feel, how much I love you. Because even the words “I love you” aren’t enough of how I really feel for you and Im a sucker for finding the right words thats why I ended up typing this. I really love you Cheska. I’m sorry for being bish sometimes and thank you because you’re still there. I hope you won’t ever go away cause Idk what to do if you will.. 😭 I love you. Happy special day ☺️

Starting to feel numb

Well congrats to me.